Attached to this post you will find a JSON file that can be imported into Postman.  The import will give you a collection called ‘AutomationPro-vRA8’ which contains 19 example requests for using against a VMware vRA 8 install. Although there are many more requests that can be made, this initial collection has been used whilst testing out functionality within vRA8 by myself. If and when I add to it, I will updated and provide newer versions of the sample pack for you to import.

Download the vRA 8 Postman Sample Request Pack here.


Using the vRA8 Postman Samples

Once you have downloaded the sample pack and have Postman installed, simply open Postman and click the Import button from the toolbar. Navigate and select the pack to import the same requests. Once imported you will see something similar to the below image.

Once the samples are imported into Postman you will see the collection in the inventory pane


Right click on the collection folder (see image below) and select ‘edit’

Edit the collection details

Select the ‘variables’ tab. You will need to edit the three variables, supplying the FQDN to your vRA 8 instance (example: myvra8.automationpro.lab), username and password for authentication. Once configured, click Update.

Edit the details to specify your vRA url, username and password


Finally, execute the ‘Obtain A Bearer Token’ request to obtain a token. You can now execute any of the requests from the collection successfully. You will find that the bearer token is stored (along with some other output values from requests) under the ‘vRA8_Environment’ environment.


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