Recently I have been doing some work with Microsoft Orchestrator again. One of the tasks I have been working on has been to write some custom code to introduce missing action functionality. Whilst I have been writing this code in C# in Visual Studio, it needs to be compiled into an OIP (Orchestrator Integration Pack) before you can use it. This in itself is simple enough, however, requires a specific version of WIX to be installed.  If you try to install the Orchestrator Toolkit you will be greeted with a message stating you need to install WIX 3.5. This version of WIX is old and has a number of bugs and flaws. If like me you have installed the latest version of WIX, this is the time for that face-palm moment! So, what to do?


How to use the MS Orchestrator Toolkit with WIX versions greater than 3.5

I have downloaded and installed the current version of WIX (3.11.1). Once you have it installed,

  1. Run Regedit (with administrative privileges)
  2. Navigate to the following location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Installer XML\
  3. Create a new Key called 3.5
  4. Referencing the 3.11 key, recreate the 3 entries under the 3.5 key

Now when you start the Orchestrator Toolkit installer it will successfully proceed and install.




var category = Server.getConfigurationElementCategoryWithPath("AutomationPro/Example");

if (category == null) {
throw "Configuration element category '" + categoryPath + "' not found or empty!";

var elements = [];

for (i = 0; i < category.configurationElements.length; i++) {
var jsonString = "";
var configElementName = category.configurationElements[i].name;

for each (var attr in category.configurationElements[i].attributes) {
jsonString += '"' + + '"' + ":" + '"' + attr.value + '",';

var finalString = '"' + configElementName + '": {' + jsonString + "}";

jsonOut = "{" + elements.join(",") + "}";



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