Something that I have had to do a lot of is working on subscription event based vRO workflows and ABX actions. The frustrating thing can be that you want to be able to develop in vRO using the vRA payload, without having to constantly ask vRA to create a deployment, just to push the payload downstream to vRO. A recent approach that I have taken is to trigger the various vRA event subscriptions and store the payload. Then I can recall the payload and use it as much as I want, to test our my developed vRO workflows and actions, without having to touch vRA at all.

What do you need?

  1. vRO 8 and vRA 8 installed, configured and working
  2. My vRO package, imported into your vRO 8 installation. You can download it from here.


What do I do?

Once you have downloaded my package, import it into vRO. 3 workflows, 1 action and a configuration element with path will be imported.



Now you have these imported, create an event subscription in vRA8 that will trigger the ‘Save vRA inputProperties’ workflow. When the event subscription executes, the input payload will be saved into the configuration element under a new attribute!

To use the saved configuration you can use the included action, ‘LoadSavedInputPropertyDefinitions‘ and pass its’ output into your workflow, mapping its output to your inputProperties payload. You can specify the Project and the Event that you want to use, as per the example in the included workflow ‘Simple Example Of Using Saved Data.’ This provides huge scope to test, develop and refine subscribed vRO workflows without having to constantly trigger vRA deployments. Enjoy!


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