In a series of posts, I am going to take you through setting up the Aria Automation Config product (formerly known as Salt), manually enabling management of deployed systems, creating a custom desired state and eventually integrating with your Cloud templates (and hopefully even more!)

Series Overview

Part 1 – Deployment

Part 1 will take you through the requirements and deployment of the Aria Automation Configuration component.

Part 2 – Authentication Configuration

Part 2 will show you how to configure the Aria Automation Config instance to utilise Active Directory to control access to the interface and the divisions of roles across your product operators.

Part 3 – Manual Installation Of The Minion Agent

Part 3 will take you through the steps to install the required agent on an existing ubuntu server, enabling you to utilise Aria Automation Configuration to configure and manage it.

Part 4 – Introduction to Jobs and Executing Our First Job

In Part 4 we take a first look at jobs, including a job definition, execution of jobs, monitoring their progress and reviewing their execution

More parts will be coming to the series soon!


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