I was lucky enough to partake in a podcast recently with colleagues Sam Perrin and Stuart Robinson of Xtravirt. If you want to learn more about automation then please check it out!

This episode outlines:

  • What is automation?
  • The common reasons businesses are automating business processes.
  • Some of tools being used in automation – from Puppet and Chef for configuration management to HashiCorp’s options for provisioning, security and the running of applications.
  • The need for businesses to take a business logic first approach to automation projects.
  • Some common mistakes to avoid.
  • How Xtravirt have designed workshops and best practice methodologies to ensure automation projects stay on track and deliver the business outcomes they were intended to.


You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.



CIO at Sonar, Automation Practice Lead at Xtravirt and guitarist in The Waders. Loves IT, automation, programming, music

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