Whilst working with a customer to provide extensibility through ABX actions, I came across a documented issue that I wasn’t previously aware of. Whilst testing an ABX action I received the following error message:

abx-service [host='abx-service-app-5c578445f7-j2w6m' thread='parallel-47' user='' org='' trace='' component='GatewayActionProvider' method='convertExceptions:437' actionRunI
d='8a7480a179b68ffb0179e552568b1e1a' context='87aad62e-0d90-4a61-b265-8b3720239a00' tokenId='8eb4435a-be1f-4921-9ca3-d809625dce4c' parentTokenId='8bdaa86c-1a01-4714-8c8f-9b1d41a5d98f'] c.v.a.a.p.i.g.Gate
wayActionProvider.convertExceptions:437 - Converting gateway provider exception to abx provider exception:
        com.vmware.automation.abx.serverless.gateway.exception.BuildImageException: ontext: [/workspace]
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] COPY . /function/
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Resolved . to .
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Resolved /function/ to /function
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Getting files and contents at root /workspace/ for /workspace
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Copying file /workspace/Dockerfile to /function/Dockerfile
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Copying file /workspace/abx_wrapper.py to /function/abx_wrapper.py
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] RUN groupadd function
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] cmd: /bin/sh
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] args: [-c groupadd function]
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] Running: [/bin/sh -c groupadd function]
        You are required to change your password immediately (password expired)
        groupadd: PAM: Authentication token is no longer valid; new one required
        error building image: error building stage: failed to execute command: waiting for process to exit: exit status

A quick search of the VMware KBs and I found an

article discussing this.

 In a nutshell, the runner that executes the ABX actions password has expired. There is a documented resolution and a patch due.



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